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Professional Advisory Services for protection of your assets

How can we help you?

In an ever changing conditions of a modern business world one must stay alert in terms of management and must have extensive knowledge and experience in a list of disciplines. Vincit Advisory team is providing full support and assistance to our clients in merge and acquisition projects of all kinds of businesses and assets, including strategic advisory, legal support, tax planning, as well as advisory on efficient loan recovery, sale of assets (exit from investment) or their restructuring in case of difficulties to sell them.


Firmly defined objectives, risk analysis and detailed strategy is the foundation of successful and profitable investments. Our team is ready to undertake execution of all these aspects and will ensure protection and preservation of your assets!

What we do


  • assistance in defining specific objectives and plan of investment
  • defining the preferable investment profile and risk level
  • audit of current condition of the assets/project
  • advisory on maximising return on investment

Asset protection

  • assessment of efficiency and skills of the management
  • selection of suitable specialists for the managerial positions, strategic decision-making
  • due diligence and preparing of transparent reports for financial institutions
  • assessment of tax model efficiency and recommendations for improvement

Exit from investment/Recovery of assets

  • assessment of market situation and growth potential
  • performing restructuring
  • merge and acquisition advisory
Vadims Reinfelds
CEO, Chairman of the Board
Vadims Reinfelds

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Ņikita Klemperts
Head of Investment Department, Member of the Board
Ņikita Klemperts

Head of Investment Department, Member of the Board

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