Family Office

We are family office service provider, managing private wealth and affairs of wealthy families

Family office is a wealth management and family affairs management service. 

  • developing investment strategy
  • managing liquid and illiquid assets, regardless of their location
  • management of loans and investment projects
  • strategic, financial and tax planning
  • cost and risk management
  • inheritance planning
  • solving administrative task

Your assets will be managed by the team of our family office, which consists of specialists having years of experience in wealth management. 

By entrusting the wealth management to us you can rely on our broad experience, professionalism and confidentiality. We will help you free your time for what is really important and what you want to do. We bear responsibility for execution of the tasks assigned.


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If you are ready to assign wealth management to us and preserve it for the future generations 

We are experts in:

  • Audit of the corporation 
  • Development of investment strategy
  • Management of liquid (through financial institutions) and illiquid assets
  • Loan and investment project management
  • Strategic, financial and tax planning
  • Cost and risk management
  • Inheritance planning
  • Administrative tasks  

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Vadims Reinfelds
CEO, Chairman of the Board

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Ņikita Klemperts
Head of Investment Department, Member of the Board

Head of Investment Department, Member of the Board

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